Hello World

Hello World

We’re Biodome Games. We make digital games, systems of wonder and play.

Biodome Games is a two-man game band in Copenhagen, Denmark. We are Tobias Thorsen & Peter Holm, have known each other since Kindergarten, and have made games together on and off since 1998.


We used to have another company and 40 awesome colleagues, and make games for clients.

That was good fun, but now we’re hard at work to make and market our own games.



Our first game is Seedling – a game about flowers, insects, evolution and extinction.

It’s early days of development, and we expect to be working on it all through 2018.

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Biodome Games ApS
Vendersgade 4, 4.
DK1363 København K

Tel.: +45 42 42 45 27
CVR/VAT: 38804022

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