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Systems of Wonder and Play

Our Games

We specialize in quirky, cozy light-weight instant Javascript games for channels like Facebook Instant, Samsung Instant, Android, iOS and many more.

Sandbox games - casual ones, that can be enjoyed by everyone - are what we really like.

We make small free games built with small teams. With systems over one-off content. Tastefully monetised with ads and in-app purchases.


Our games are available on a multitude of devices, channels and app stores.

Play the web version from the links above, or search on your favourite device...

Our Games

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About Us

Biodome Games is a tiny independent game dev studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

We make small, casual and sticky games with mass-market appeal. We have made games together on and off since 1998.

We're working with FRVR Ltd. who publishes our free games, all while we're working on the next title(s). 

The Team

Tobias Thorsen

Code & ceramics

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Peter Holm

Design & ceo'ing

We’ve been involved in ~200 games in our past three companies. Below is a quick summary.


Cape Copenhagen, 2008 - 2017

Cape Copenhagen was an ad-games studio, focused on mobile platforms, with 42 staff at its peak in 2016. Cape developed ~80 games for clients, most of them aimed at kids, and most of them free. 

Titoonic, 2000 - 2007

Titoonic was an early ad-games studio, focused on Flash-based games for international and domestic clients. Here we honed our skills in making tiny, sticky and fun games on slim budgets and tight platform specs. Titoonic shipped more than 100 games.

Space Time Foam, 1998 - 2004

In our first game company we developed a top-down space shooter 'Chase Ace' in our spare time. The game won an Independent Games Festival award in 2001, and received great reviews. 

About Us
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